I never said them in appointment, direct orders Grace Lee

MANILA, Philippines—TV coordinator Elegance Lee wants writer Ellen Tordesillas to “formally i am sorry to the public” for a review that showed up on Wednesday in the Inquirer costing Lee as having said that she expected her connection with Chief executive Benigno Aquino III would go “the complete.”
In her twitter @gracelee899, Lee described the content as “very incorrect n dangerous.” The twitter was published at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.
In an previously twitter, Lee said the content named “Grace Lee recognizes herself getting married to P-Noy” was a “lie.”
Later in manufactured, Lee marked @dziq990 in yet another twitter, saying, “I’m greatly hurt that a writer like Ellen Tordesillas would create an content of can be found to sensationalize a person's personal life. I never said anything place near to what her write-up says I did.”
Lee also requested Tordesillas to find the resource “who statements to have spoke to me regarding the PSG (Presidential Protection Group) concern as this is not to be taken gently.”
In the tale, Tordesillas unveiled that Lee unveiled that the Chief executive had provided to offer her with a burglar details from the PSG.
Lee followed up the tirades with a light-hearted twitter at about 3 p.m. which said: “Ok enough na…. can not let this impact me the whole day.  natatalo positivity ko! we will cook! have not enjoyed whole day.”
Lee also on Wednesday sent a word to Tordesillas telling the Notara Information writer that it was her coanchor, DJ Suzy, and not herself who had said that the connection between Lee and Mr. Aquino was going for the church.
Lee created the explanation in respond to the Notara Information tale that said she saw herself getting married with the Chief executive.
In her word, Lee said, “The only details about your content I want to explain is that I never uttered the terms ‘altar’ or anything that might tip to wishing wedding.”
Lee later said in a cellphone appointment with Tordesillas that the discuss of she and the Chief executive conclusion up at the church was element of the chit chat between serves of the application, “Good Periods in the Morning” which airs over FM r / c place 89.9.
Lee said it was Suzy who said, “the complete length” when requested by New York-based DJ Mo Tornado how lengthy the connection would last.
She also resolved that she did not say “I’m wishing for this,” in mentioning her connection with Mr. Aquino. “What I said is that I hope everything will go well,” she said.

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