Manny Pacquiao as Bible Ambassador? yes or no?

The powerful Catholic Bishops’ Meeting of the Belgium or CBCP declared in its plenary set up Wednesday that they are hitting Manny Pacquiao as Somebody Ambassadorof the religious.

Manny Pacquiao utilized as Somebody Ambassador.
CBCP mentioned that Pacquiao prefers examining the Somebody, and him as Somebody ambassador will motivate the individuals to study the Sacred Scriptures.

The switch by CBCP received combined responses from the netizens, which motivated the subject ‘Bible ambassador’ to pattern in Tweets and other public support systems.

Karen Davila, newscaster of ABS-CBN, elicited different views about it when she requested @Karen_DaviLa: What do you think of Manny Pacquiao as CBCP’s “Bible Ambassador?”.

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